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About Us

Peppers Ferry Pups is a reputable breeder with a passion for family and community. Our Canine focused family is experienced with loving, breeding, raising, and training dogs. Our dogs are our family, first and foremost, they make our lives whole.

We live in a rural community with a beautiful front porch view of the picturesque Appalachian Mountains. We enjoy all the mountains have to offer: being outdoors, playing in creeks, fishing, and bon fires and so much “smore”

Ongoing education is pursued regularly from recognized organizations including AKC canine college, Puppy Culture, Midwoofery, and more!  We are recognized as reputable breeders by AKC and CKC. We rely on sound/evidence-based practices and recommendations of Dr. Marty Greer with Revival Animal Health.

We have an evolving online presence as influencers on social media. Please join us by following/liking/and sharing!

Additionally, Michelle is the co-founder of Breeder Resources (breederresources.com) a resouce created to enlighten, support and encourage fellow breeders eager to learn best practices and improve the lives of numerous puppies.

Our Mission…

To be an ethical, genuine, transparent breeder in good standing while promoting responsible breeding, the greatness of the breeds we raise, maintaining their health status, unique nature, and known characteristics. We strive to provide top quality pups who exceed breed standards with a focus on excellent temperaments and structurally sound to loving families and service homes throughout the country.

Vision & Values…

  • To bring smiles to first-time puppy parents, children, and families – one wagging puppy tail at a time. To Embrace our calling on this journey.
  • We value research and evidence-based best practices when raising our puppies.
  • We value advancing our knowledge of canines in order to promote the intelligent, selective breeding of our dams and sires to produce offspring responsibly.
  • We support and value fellow breeders and work tirelessly to help others achieve rewarding satisfaction and better litter outcomes.