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Peppers Ferry Pups presents...

The Divas

Our Pride and Joy




Ginger is one of our beautiful deep red golden retrievers. Ginger is enjoying retirement and “speaks” of the good ‘ol days. She used to walk to school uphill both ways! We have continued her lineage with pups from her previous litters: Pixie, Wren, and Pebbles who are all around 30lbs and carry parti markings.




Finley is an AKC registered Golden Retriever who is looking forward to retirement. We are currently accepting applications for her. She will turn 4 in January 23. We are asking a rehoming fee for her. She is Embark tested and genetically clear. Her OFA hip clearances are EXCELLENT. Her legacy and lineage are carried on by Faith, Hope, and Grace.




Nisha is our AKC Cocker Spaniel. This lady was born to please and a perfect gentle dog for small kids. She weighs 13lbs. She
is Embark tested and genetically clear. She is AKC registered. She stems from a beautiful line of chocolate cocker spaniels. Nisha will be joining a new company: Merle -oh & Co!