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Stud Services

Apache Barefoot

$2,500 for natural $3,000 for AI. Merle toy Poodle with CKC breeding rights, Embark health testing. Approximately 5lbs 


$2,700 for natural $2,800 for AI. Non-fading red toy Poodle with AKC breeding rights, Embark health testing. Approximately 7lbs

Tater Howlinator

$2,000 for natural $2,300 for AI. Merle Cocker Spaniel with AKC breeding rights, Embark health testing. Approximately

We offer the following studs available to approved breeders for natural breeding or for AI. We are able to provide secure boarding of your female during her heat cycle and breed her with the male of your choice times two natural ties. Or we are able to provide AI services if a natural mating is not possible. If AI is used, we will provide two separate specimens on two separate days. If given adequate time to prepare, we can overnight the specimen of your choice to your preferred veterinarian and two separate samples will be sent. Sperm analysis by a licensed veterinarian required as receipt of received specimen. If licensed veterinarian deems specimen non-viable, we will ship a replacement specimen.

A signed contract, proof of responsible pet ownership (vaccination record) health testing results, OFA scores (a negative brucellosis test required for natural breeding) and payment are required prior to shipments of specimens.

You will receive AKC or CKC numbers for registration of the litter as well as a copy of pedigree and health testing results. A litter size of at least two puppies constitute a litter.

Service fees are listed beside each male and subject to change. Payments are non refundable; however, if breeding does not result in a litter we will provide services again on your female’s next heat cycle. We reserve the right to substitute a male for subsequent breeding if the previously contracted male is no longer available.