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Forever Home Testimonials

Kayte Saunders

Hi there!! As we close in on our girl being 11 months I wanted to send you a little update. We have been so blessed by Riley Rue and we are so happy we made the decision to get her from you. She is the best dog we could have ever imagined. She is so smart and gentle. She is full of life when we have company, but when it’s just us she is the biggest bum around! She loves to sleep and when she wakes her hair is a mess and it’s an imagine that is forever engraved on my heart. She has so much personality… she is the sassiest and she will voice it her opinion (especially if we wake her up too early or she knows we are leaving). She is also so unlady like and we love it haha… she burps all the time and lays on her back with her legs wide open when she’s relaxing. Her favorite thing to do is run around the house in circles over and over and to go to a local trail we have near by our house for evening walks. She loves to snack on her kong toy filled with peanut butter and she’s always waiting by the fridge for little pieces of cheese! She has learned so many tricks.. our favorites include “dance” (which is really just spinning to the left and then to the right) and “go get a toy” which we can say and she brings us a new one each time (we didn’t even purposely teach her this.. she just caught on and one day we were like she knows what it means! So smart!!! She does great on car rides and is going to OBX with us in October for her first vacation. She is the light of our lives and we have honestly loved every minute we have had with her.

Liza Parker

This is our 1 y/o dood, Winston. We got him from Litters of Glitter right before the pandemic truly hit last February and he’s been the little shadow that we never knew we needed. We’re so thankful for everything Michelle and Litters of Glitter has done for us, from before taking Winston home, throughout those tiring first few weeks, even to today; we still stay in touch with pupdates! We’re so in love with our dood and couldn’t imagine life without him now, all thanks to Litters of Glitter! ❤️ Peppers Ferry Pups

Heather Mayday

We got our boy Max from litters of glitter (peppersferrypups) a year and a half ago. He is energetic in a good puppy way but is very laid back and very mild tempered. He loves to go to daycare. He is extremely lean and fit and thinks he is a lap dog. He has done puppy training when he was younger and was the star pupil. He came to us basically potty trained and the entire experience was amazing. The breeder Michelle sent me videos on the mom in labor and pictures of the puppies once born. She cared for the puppies the first several weeks and took such good care of them! I have recommended her and will continue recommending her as long as she is in business! 5 star rating for her and her exceptional pups!

Belinda White

This is Rosie, we got her a year ago from Litters of Glitter (peppersferrypups). She is such a wonderful dog. We have gotten compliments from the vet on her good easy going nature. I would highly recommend you as a breeder and have recommend you. Thank you so much for our Rosie.